One of the most stressful events in anyone’s life is moving, even if the move involves giving up your workaday life and relocating to live the life of your dreams in a beachfront home in sunny La Paz. The vision you had of yourself and your spouse sipping frosty margaritas while surrounded by a group of charming new friends probably did not happen in your first weeks. Instead, you were likely feeling overwhelmed by the hard work you did in order to set up your phone and electricity, and hire a good gardener, maid, and pool service.

September is different here in La Paz then it was in California. John Steinbeck wrote about Monterey and the area in more than one of his books. Cannery Row always brings him to me. And he wrote about the Sea of Cortez. And this September these words of his ring true:
“…Let us go,” we said, “into the Sea of Cortez, realizing that we become forever a part of it.