Flying Over Hollywood!



Ok so it is January 18th well past epiphany. In fact in the US it is Martin Luther King Day.

 Here the Christmas season is still going, and will end officially on February 2nd. So it’s ok that I am telling you a little about my Christmas.  And I was hacked remember, and my site was down for quite awhile. And I have a lot say!

We spent the week before Christmas in Los Angeles with our son, daughter-in-law and their two boys.

My son is a sergeant with the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD); he was temporarily assigned to the air command. So he arranged for us to do a ride along on the LAPD helicopter.  I had to get over the rude questions about my weight (required to balance the load), after that all was well.

 My son took the extra precaution of buckling us in him, and settled the 150lb (it felt that heavy anyway) helmets on our heads. Off we went.

 Almost immediately there was a call for air support.

 We zoomed to the scene of the crime, did a sweep of the neighborhood, picked out the business whose silent alarm went off and saw…nothing! There was no perp, no action, and no guns, nothing like any episode of CSI!

The detailed info relayed from the tactical commander in the bird down to the officers on the ground was impressive. And it is clear that the bird’s eye view protects the lives of the officers, as well as aids in catching criminals.

We answered a few other calls and each time, the perp was apprehended. We were told that the curse of the ride along is that there is never any action.

 Then there was the call that the Bank of America silent alarm went off, and when the police and FBI tried to call the bank they were put on hold! Well what did they expect, it was the B of A, what do they know about customer service? Even when those phone calls could have been lifesaving, they put them on hold! Much to our disappointment, it turned out to be a teller error. But it was exciting for a moment; the pilot took us in a sharp turn and raced to the scene, police cars rolled in from every direction. No crime.

I told the pilot I felt guilty hoping for a crime…she laughed and said she sometimes felt that way on a long day with no action.

 We had a nice tour of Los Angeles from the sky. All I can say is: IMPRESSIVE! It is a huge city.

We flew out over the Santa Monica pier and over the Hollywood sign and the photo on top of the page is one I snapped.

It was an exciting and interesting ride. The work that the pilot and the tactical officer do are detailed, precise, and lifesaving…and fun.

We thoroughly enjoyed the ride, and being crime stoppers for the day.

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