Green Chile Soup

Green Chile Soup
By Susan Fogel

Lunch is ready!

First off C-H-I-L-E is the way we spell the word that means hot peppers in English. Next, we are using the poblano chile the big, shiny, long, dark green peppers you see in the grocery store. And lastly, some like it cold, we like it hot. That means a touch picante ( spicy hot) and caliente (temperature hot).

This is different from the cream of green chile soup one finds in the Duarte Hotel near Pescadero in California. That’s US California, not one of the states of the Baja Peninsula. We have a Pescadero here in Southern Baja. While this is a creamy, green soup it has no cream in it.

My husband says I can never make enough of it. And he also thinks that what I make is all for him.
The last batch I made was enough to serve six people. I had one bowl and never saw another drop. The morning after I made it, I saw the big Dutch oven on the stove and thought “ I’ll heat up the leftover soup and have some for breakfast.” I lifted the lid to see a shiny, clean pot. He had finished if off.

I marched into the bedroom where the senor was still snoring away and shouted:
“ You ate all the soup !” I said. His response from deep under the covers was “ Well you made it for me didn’t you?”
Well actually no, I thought we would get two meals out of it…silly me. And the soup is the reason for this post.
I mentioned in a few emails that I was making Green Chile Soup. A few friends said to send the recipe; others said they would be right over.

And that is another problem in our marriage: my beloved believes that any and all green chile soup or arroz verde (green rice) is made just for him. He hates it when I make these dishes for company, it means he must be polite and share. And he glares at me if I offer guests seconds. Two Christmases ago I made dozens of jars of the soup as gifts, he hated to see each one leave the house.

So here is the way I make the soup.
4-6 nicely shaped Poblano chiles

Gorgeous, Poblano Chiles

Couple cloves of garlic
Half an onion
Two beef bouillon cubes ( or bouillon of your choice)
¼ cup blanched almonds or toasted walnuts
Cut off the stem end of the chile
Remove the seeds and veins (you may want to wear plastic gloves, they can burn)
Like this:

Gorgeous Poblano chiles

Roast the Chiles on the grill, under the broiler or on a BBQ fork right in the gas flame on you stove until they look like this:

jusicy roasted poblanos
Poblanos cut and deviened

Once you have roasted the chiles put them in a plastic bag to sweat for 15 minutes.

Poblano chiles sweating

At the same time brown the garlic and onions in a Dutch oven
Grind up the bouillon and the blanched almonds in the blender
Add four cups of water and blend again.

After the chiles have cooled enough for you to handle slide off the outer skin.
Then cut them in strips. Toss them in the big Dutch oven brown them a little. Actually you are just tossing them in the olive oil, onion and garlic mixture.

Add the water with the bouillon. Bring to a boil, simmer for 20 minutes.
It will look like this:

Green Chile Soup almost ready

Then puree the soup in the blender until it is creamy. Do this in manageable quantities.
It will look like this:

Gorgeous, Creamy Green Chile Soup

A dollop of sour cream adds a nice cool touch.
Or come to the beach and I’ll make it for you!

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8 Replies to “Green Chile Soup”

  1. This looks REALLY yummy! Thanks for sharing the recipe, it is low carb too, YUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    What about sharing the recipe fo green rice next? LOL, it may not be low carb, but worth the sacrifice, LOL!

  2. I want to try it now!!!
    Unfortunatly I don’t know what a Dutch oven is, so….

    Kisses to you and your beloved… I’ll find a way to convince him to share….


  3. I can attest that this soup is ‘muy sabrosa’ and I, too, can’t get enough of it.
    One of these days I’ll have to give making it a try.

  4. Loved the soup! I particularly liked the fact that it was fast. Your followers might enjoy a Colorado version. Here, “Mexican” tends to be more Santa Fe. So I added Cumin and Oregano. It adds an interesting dimension.

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