Mother and Daughter Reunion

Mother Daughter Pedicure La Paz Malecon Beach
Mother and Daughter Pedicure
By Susan Klindienst Fogel

Well MissMeliss came to visit. She arrived last Tuesday after completing a marathon of flights and plane and airline changes to get here from Dallas using miles.

But it has been wonderful to have her here by herself to while away the days.
We have had lazy days of sitting around the pool, reading and enjoying a margarita or two.

Tere my hairdresser, manicurist, massage therapist came and gave us pedicures. Yes my dear readers, my hairdresser comes to the house! I have installed a shampoo sink, chair and manicure stool so she can work properly and we can both be comfortable.

We had new color a hot pink called “That’s Berry Daring” an OPI color, hot and bright and oh so tropical. It was one of te many wonderful gifts Melisa brought me!
After a lovely lunch at Azul Marino in Marina Costa Baja, we sauntered down the Malecon ( like a board walk) and sat in the soft white sand.
The next day we went into town and lunched at the Cantina Mejicana also in Costa Baja, and also serving gorgeous and delicious food!
We, well MissMeliss, took lots of photos and sent them to Facebook via her iPhone, which she keeps tucked demurely in her bra. And the comments rolled in. They said things like: “Beautiful!” “You are bragging.” “Now you are really bragging!” “I want to be there.” And “I am jealous!” Her friends all over the US of A wanted to be adopted as my daughter so they could sit on the beach sipping mocha and gaze on azure waters. I am sure that “with your mother” was part of their adoption wish. I am a cool mother, as I have been told so many times.
She’s a seductress, my Melissa, she took photos of the food, the views, shells, our feet, and anything she thought would delight her friends.
Those are our feet on the Malecon beach in downtown La Paz.
My two and her one. Nice pedicure, Yes?

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