Breakfast Crepes at El Trocadero with Miss Meliss in La Paz

Breakfast At El Trocadero in La Paz

By Susan Klindienst Fogel

Miss Meliss had been here for 10 wonderful days. Ten days of mother/daughter bonding.
Yesterday was her last full day of playing and eating and beach COMBING.
I just dropped her at the airport.
We had a wonderful time together, and by taking her places in town I re-discovered the beauty that is La Paz.
One of the newer restaurants in town, El Trocadero is a delightful, modern restaurant with a French flavor.
Some of my women friends took me there for my birthday a while back.
And I ticked it off as one on my list of places to bring Miss Meliss.

And that is a photo of the wonderful crepes with platanos ( bananas) and Nutella.

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2 Replies to “Breakfast Crepes at El Trocadero with Miss Meliss in La Paz”

  1. Hi! Just stumbled onto your blog because of the posting about crepes. Those look fabulous! I’ve just created a new page on my site for the review of restaurants that serve crepes.. Would you consider posting a review of El Trocadero on my crepe review page? We would love an entry from Mexico. I’ll happily post a link back to your blog, if so. Thank you!

  2. In Mexico, breakfast is called “el desayuno” and brunch is ordered as “almuerzo”. Roughly translated, those words mean “super-hardy meals filled with color, spice and flavor that match the character of the people who live in
    “. Throughout the Republic of Mexico, breakfasts vary by region due to the produce available, ethnic diversity and proximity to neighboring countries. Similarities in regional cuisine stem from Native American traditions (primarily Aztec and Mayan) and the influence of three centuries of Spanish rule.

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