Ten Things to Do on a Slow Day in La Paz

Just another day doing as little as possible, wearing as little as possible
]Ten Things to Do On a Slow Day
By Susan Klindienst Fogel

1. Rise with the sun
2. Brew coffee
3. Drink coffee on the pool terrace while gazing across the bay
4. Walk the dog on the beach
5. Swim naked
6. Answer email and write in blog
7. Design something to sew
8. Make a delicious lunch for my beloved and linger at the table with him
9. Take a siesta in a hammock
10. Listen to palms swish and waves break
11. Take an afternoon shower
12. Give myself a mini facial
13. Watch the sun set
14. And the moon rise
15. Have an evening glass of wine
16. Repeat steps 1-15 daily or as needed

Ok so there were a few more than 10. I have a lot to cram into a day

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2 Replies to “Ten Things to Do on a Slow Day in La Paz”

  1. This sounds a lot more enjoyable than my “clean the house and watch movies” Sundays! I will see what I can do to trade my slow days for some of yours 🙂

  2. I’ll add catch a shave and go fishing to my list. Rise with the sun — I’ll scratch that one off. Though I guess you adapt as it gets darker a lot earlier South of the Border.

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