February, My Month!

February! MY MONTH! Tomorrow it all begins…
I was born on February 21st. And in our house, we sang happy birthday every day until the birthday cake was gone.

And in my mind, February belongs to me!

What a month, two presidents and George Harrison all had birthdays in February. And of course Valentine’s Day! I was born in Valley Forge in the middle of a blizzard! And yes I have heard all of the George Washington; hard winter at Valley Forge jokes! In fact my mother wanted to name me Martha or Georgette. But, my OLDER sister, Delia said that the new baby was so pretty that she should be named Susie after her Susie doll. Thank YOU, Delia, neither one of those other names fit me at all!

And yes I am so pretty too. Here I am with my beloved.

My dear friend, Kass is coming to help me celebrate this year. I have not seen her in about three years. She is a friend whose bond was forged as we stood tot-to-toe with the anti-choice bullies that thought they would close down the abortion clinics in the Bay Area. She is a warrior, and a writer, a photographer and my friend! Look out whale sharks here we come!

Kass do you still have your BACORR scarf? For those of you that weren’t there BACORR stands for Bay Area Coalition for Our Reproductive Rights. How about you Lenay? BACORR was a big part of our lives back in the 90’s, and while we battled for control of the clinic door and won most of the time, life-long friendships were forged.
We changed the law in San Jose, and changed the behavior of the police.
And now we shall kayak, soak up sun and enjoy some icy Margaritas.
Here is a scarf that we all wore, proudly.

My daughter, Melissa has cooked up a surprise for me, she and Kass are in on it, I have no idea what she is doing.
In the past there were two surprise parties, and for my 50th a black-tie bash at the Hotel St. Claire in San Jose, CA.
I still have the wonderful memory boards with photos and captions that she and my sister, Delia made for that occasion.

I am back to blogging. I thought I would tell you all about my favorite Christmas ornaments. Well events transpired that kept me from writing and almost obliterated our Christmas. But, we are OK, and I am back to blogging.

The gray, cold, weather that came down from El Norte is gone. And our beautiful sunshine is back.
We have a new doggie, a tiny, tiny Chihuahua named Coco, and the HoneyMoon Hut is booked solid.

I am starting a juice fast tomorrow to cleanse my body and soul.
So stay tuned in, I’ll have lots of things to say about a lot of things!