My Funny Valentine

My Funny Valentine…
What a romantic song.
My beloved said it reminded him of me.
I was touched and feeling tender until I heard these words:
…Sweet comic valentine
Your looks are laughable

Imagine hearing those words and wondering what he means by that.
He said I have an expressive face, and a cute smile.
Good Save old man!

So I love Valentine’s Day. It’s part of MY MONTH, February. And it is a week before my birthday, so I get a double whammy of flowers and gifts.
And here is what you see when you come to my front door.

Don’t be deceived that planter is twenty four inches high and the palm about five feet tall.
The photo makes them look miniature.
The grape vine wreath is one I picked up at a segunda and used for fall with silk autumn leaves, and then again for good ole V-Day. I have decided to keep this as a Valentine wreath, and will look for something else for Fall.

So come on in: on the mirrors in the entry I have stuck these good enough to eat, plastic gel hearts and cupids.

And below the mirrors on a credenza rest these golden candles with lovely pink and red patchwork hearts.

I have a lot of heart ornaments.
Do you know when I bought them? At the after Christmas sales. They are Christmas ornaments, that I have re-purposed as Valentine’s Day trinkets.

Don’t you find that word “re-purpose” silly? I hear it a lot on decorating shows on TV.
For me it is as silly as “join the conversation” which alludes to wasting lots of time on social media.

…Smile little Valentine Smile…

I always try to make something special for the house, or for my daughter’s house. This year I made Valentine coasters and a holder for them for Miss Meliss. you can see them and read about them on my sewing blog

Pretty paper goods like plates and napkins are s special detail I like for all occassions and here is a heart shaped basket full of Valentine napkins and plates. I made the table runner and the golden candles are leftover from Christmas, and the shiny red hearts hanging on the candle sticks are another after Christmas find.

Valentine’s Day at our house on either side of the border means cards, flowers, chocolate and a nice dinner out.
No flashy gifts, no over the top balloon rides with champaign and diamonds, just a sweet, day to be extra-romantic.

…Every day is Valentines Dayyyyyyyyyyyy…