My Funny Valentine…Sung by Sting; A Valentine for Those I Love

Scoll down to the bottom and start the video. Sting will come on for a few seconds. Then the video will be black. But you will hear Sting sing. Then scroll back up and read while you listen.

My Funny Valentine is a beautiful, sweet song with a haunting melody.
This is our song. My beloved and I are going on 29 years married this April.
I want to share some special Valentines.

Here is the Valentine my beloved gave me a few years back. My friend Mary made the frame:
< ON a trip back from Catalina Island to San Jose , California, we stopped at the Sycamore Springs Spa, and had a romantic evening in an old-fashioned wooden hot tub. And I gave this card to my darling : a>

This has lots of special meaning for us. We had sold our business and we took a trip tp Catalina to enjoy our new freedom. It is there that we decided to retire to Mexico.

My daughter, Melissa and I are a two-woman coffee society and she always finds the sweetest, cleverest and perfect card for any occassion for me: