Happy St. Patrick’s Day from La Paz Baja California Sur

Coco pondering today's menu: Green Kibble, or Tequila soaked chew sticks.
Chihuahuas are beloved dogs of Mexico and were sacred to the Maya.
Coco-Nut Ibraham Fogel our latest and darling Chihuahua has graciously posed for some photos to send you greetings of the day.

He is a dapper, curious and loving little guy. And just the perfect dog for us. He must be part Irish because he chose the green collar and bandana that he wears everyday! He helped to heal the holes in our hearts made by the passing of Abigail Maria Sanchez our first Chihuahua that graced our lives for 15 years. And Ms. Jennifer Lopez de Fogel, a stray who stayed with us for the last year of her life.
So when Coco-Nut came to us from the shelter, all leggy and bony, the first thing he did was lick my face.
And now his antics are a delight. He has filled out, and taken over. And he is the soothing balm for our grief-heavy souls as we suffer along with our darling Thomas.
Have a wonderful day today.
I hope you have a cat or dog to lick your face, and snuggle with when you are sad, or happy.