Coffee! Coffee! Coffee!

Double mocha extra hot as served at Cafe Gourmet in La Paz
Coffee, Coffee, Coffee
“ It’s all about the ambience for your mother…” my beloved explained to Miss Meliss when she suggested he buy me an in-home espresso machine and stop complaining about the cost of my coffee, habit…er… addiction.

What he meant was that I needed to be in a funky, trendy or even cozy café. The hiss and whine of the milk being steamed, the good music, the chatter, all added to the coffee experience for me, and still does.
“And, besides”, he said, “I would have to be the one to clean the machine…”
Notice there is a coffee maker and an espresso machine in this picture:

Tower of mini red cups, and some hand towels, a gift from a friend, she saw them and thought of me!

Over the years in the old country, my beloved would brew my coffee and ask “Which cups?” And this was a good question. Depending on the time of day, the season,( yes we have Christmas cups and mugs) and my mood, which cup my coffee was served in was important. And then there was the napkin, no plain, white, grocery store cheapies for me. No! Never! I love table linens and I also collect colorful paper goods. And my friends here in Mexico always bring me packages of pretty napkins as a gift when they travel.

My retro coffee set. This is the one we use the most while watching TV.

Here in Mexico, somehow, I have become the barrista.
”Sweetheart”, I say, “I am making coffee, do you want some?” Looong, contemplative silence. “Dearest, this is just a cup of coffee, not a life-long commitment!” His answer can be “Ok, just a little.” Or a rare definitive “Yes please.” And often, “No, not tonight.”
Four black mugs came with their own chalk for writing messages!

No matter his answer, I bring him, the appropriate cup for the time of day, with the proper napkin. And even after saying “No, thanks.” He drinks up. On many occasion after he has said no, I will be demurely sipping my coffee and reading or watching TV with him. I will put the cup down. Turn a page, and reach for my cup only to find it gone. It is in the hands of my beloved, he is sipping from my cup. This, after saying: “No thanks, no coffee for me!” So I have learned to bring him a cup.

Kaffe, Cafe, Coffee, no matter how you say it or spell it I love it!

We have “geographical“ mugs that are decorated with maps of the world and the various ways coffee is spelled in other languages. These are my favorite morning-slug mugs. I need a full, hot strong mug in the morning.
Coffee and Geography in the morning

Then there are the black mugs with a chalkboard finish, that came with chalk, and we can write sweet nothings on. And the tower of small red cups with tiny saucers. The retro white cups with rectangular saucers, and the “good” ones that go with our dinner service.

Is that coffee I smell brewing?

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  1. Just be glad that I’m not there,I’d drink it all, and require a trip to town to buy more!!!!

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