Early Daffodils of Spring

Spring has sprung. Spring is in the air.

Spring is the time of year I met and married my beloved…way back in 1982.

Spring means daffodils and tulips. Soft green buds and a haze on the air of all the greening going on.
We were back in California last week. And even though there was snow on the mountains around Los Angeles, it was perfect spring weather.

Spring rains and some unseasonably cold weather dropped snow on the mountains around Los Angeles

A little chilly in the mornings, birds singing, grass greening, buds on trees popping. Warm in the afternoons, and as I said it felt to me like the very air was a soft, baby green.

When we lived in San Jose we had thousands of daffodils in every size and color planted in the curb strip in front of our house. That just wasn’t enough daffodils for me, so I planted some in front of my neighbor’s house.
And in the beds along the front of the house, down the side of the driveway and along the pathway from the house to my little office cottage in the back, I had tulips, tulips and more tulips.

So when we were in California we made a trip to the Mecca of food shoppers, Trader Joe’s. And what did they have at the front door? Buckets and buckets of daffodils, 10 for $1.29.

What can be more Spring like that bright yellow daffodils?

Don’t ask me why I bought only 10, but that is how many I bought. And here they are. I staged this photo in front of my daughter-in-law’s wallpaper, and added her teapot. I wanted that greeting card feeling of Spring.

And they opened slowly but magnificently, and I smiled every time I saw them.

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