Beach Combing…La Paz Baja California Sur

This is me after a full day of beach combing!

One of the joys of living in a semi-rural beachfront house is the things that wash up on the beach, land in your pool or fly in for a visit.

I was interviewing a developer today when Coco-Nut Ibrahim Garcia, my darling Chihuahua started barking, growling and pawing at the patio door.
I looked out and saw this small white Ibis checking out my pool.

I let Coco-Nut out so he could see that the small bird was no threat. It took a while for the bird to register the noise Coco-Nut was making.
He lifted his wings and went over to our fence. And there he stayed so I could snap a few closeups.

A few minutes later he was back at the pool,. Intent on capturing prey, I thought he was going to fall in. These are shore birds, and are usually at the water’s edge.

Another day a few months back this funny little shoe-shaped boat washed up.
There it sat for a few days. I asked one of our workers to take it away. I could see it getting filled with garbage by beachgoers.

And on a Sunday last year a seaplane came whizzing by, made a pass over our house and then made a splash landing. The occupants hopped out and fiddled with the plane for awhile then started the motor which sputtered a time or two, finally caught and off they went.

Oh and look at these cuties that showed up around lunch time last winter!

And one day while walking along Pelican Point I saw this gorgeous, burgundy sea star. Since it was dead I took it home. Those are my recently pedicured feet

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