La Paz, The City of Peace, What I like and Don’t Like After Eleven Years in Paradise!

Boats pulled up on the beach along the Malecon in La Paz

When people observe the life of another person, it is through the filter of their own perceptions.

We all do it.  Haven’t you caught yourself saying something like: “They are so lucky, look where they live, they have more money than I, they must be so happy?”

When guests arrive to check-in to our  HoneyMoon Hut, they are weary from the plane trip and often the drive up from Los Cabos. But they see the view, hear the waves, the swish of the palms, and they are hooked.

After a day or two of our extraordinary sunrises, fire-y sunsets, romantic moon rises and have been swimming and sunbathing naked, they wonder why we want to sell our home.

They envy our lives. My husband walks to work along our beach. I write, and blog, sell real estate and have lots of friend. From the outside in my life looks perfect.

And as I was lying on the massage table on my terrace yesterday, I felt rich.  I had just had a long, luxurious massage and salt scrub. It was breezy, so we had gentle waves lapping the shore.

What a gorgeous feeling to lie there totally relaxed.  And at that moment, the full meaning of “paradise” filled my soul.

So here are 10 things I love about La Paz

  1. The people
  2. Beaches, beaches, beaches
  3. Wonderful affordable healthcare
  4. Tranquility and safety
  5. Those sunrises, sunsets and moon rises
  6. Sunday breakfast with friends at La Marmolera
  7. Root Beer floats at Tailhunter
  8. Nine months of a glorious climate
  9. Free Internet hotspots around town
  10. The culture of courtesy and respect

And here are some things that drive me crazy:

  1. Summer Hell heat and humidity ( August 15- October 1)
  2. Litter (there is a big recycling campaign in the schools, it is getting better, but it is still ugly.)
  3. Nutty drivers that do not heed traffic signs or rules
  4. Stray dogs ( or the  owners that don’t neuter their dogs, or care for them)
  5. Confusing Cell phone contracts and charges ( but I still love my iPhone)
  6. Potholes
  7. The bureaucracy
  8. Lack of good quality clothing at a reasonable price
  9. How long it takes to get things done, see #7
  10. No NPR and PBS

As I look over both lists, the good things clearly  outshine the bad things. And the sun is rising, the bay is calm, the air cool and the sharp salt-sea smell all remind me why I live here.

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2 Replies to “La Paz, The City of Peace, What I like and Don’t Like After Eleven Years in Paradise!”

  1. We’ve got more summer hell than you do!!!! So what happens when I have to sit for hours to make sure dressage riders get themselves into the arena in a timely fashion? 35 degrees. Triple yuck. That’s a lot of work for a free lunch. I must agree, though, LaPaz is tranquil, and the water lovely. I remember the wild thunder storm that came to visit while I was there. It wanted me to feel at home. I already did.
    loved th halloween pics you sent…Ira is adorable, and I love, love the blue mask.

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