Susan Is Back and Musing About Mexico!

Don’t you just LOVE technology? Well when it works, and the phone rings  with enough time for you to answer it. When the latest upgrade does not cause  your passwords, banking info and pictures of your pests to disappear. It’s wonderful. Something we cannot live without.

Then something happens.

Then you are disconnected.

crazy computer woman

Your passwords don’t work. Your host says it’s you.  WordPress says its your host that is the problem. And in Google you discover that tens of thousands of folks have been having the very same issue as you, for years. Well, except for my Darling Daughter. When I call her for help her response is

” I don’t have that issue. I don’t know anyone that does. Its YOU! And I cannot help you.”

Yep the very same daughter that I labored long and hard to bring into this world. That I worked at shitty jobs to pay for cello and tap lessons, big hair perms, and the latest Michael Jackson record.

That daughter.

She says that she cannot help me!

Well sometimes I will struggle with the issue and find a solution. Then I feel strong, and brave and competent.

Then there are times  no matter what I read, what I try. No matter how blue my language. Or how many promises I make to the Universe, nothing works. Nothing!

So I am sorry to say dear readers, I gave up.

Since my last post i sold my beach house, lived in a rental across the street from the site of my new house.

That was wonderful, I could watch the construction all day.

When I told my very sage friend, Mary, that I was moving in across the street from the construction site. She responded:

” Your builder’s sphincter muscle just went to level 7.”

Does that mean that she thinks that I am just a tad demanding?

Anyway, things intervened.

  • A killer hurricane.
  • Finishing the new house.
  • Shopping for things for the new house.
  • Replacing many things that we lost in the hurricane.
  •  Moving into the new house.
  •  A shopping trip to Dallas to buy new computers. (Darling Daughter advised us on what to buy, by the way).

So here I am blog at all systems go.

Please forgive me for not taking care of this sooner. I found many comments from all of you asking where I went.

Well I am settled into the new house.  Have a new office/sewing room. A new computer, and time!




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2 Replies to “Susan Is Back and Musing About Mexico!”

  1. Mom, I love you, but in order to fix the problem you were having, I would have had to BE THERE with your computer. If I’m not getting an error, and can’t reproduce YOUR error, I can’t help you, and I really don’t appreciate you acting like I was blowing you off. That’s why I referred you to the people at your host who should have been able to help.

    As for the computer you have, I have exactly the same model, and have had NO ISSUES. It is not MY fault that you didn’t configure Ira’s for an entire YEAR after buying it. It is not my fault that you didn’t keep the notes with the passwords we set up together. Or that you don’t back up your data.

    Also, you have a typo in the first paragraph. I’m pretty sure you meant ‘pets’ and not ‘pests,’ unless you have a secret hoarde of killer wasp photos you aren’t sharing.

  2. My darling, you know when I am serious.
    I was yanking your most glorious tail.
    What happened with Ira’s computer is Ira’s problem.
    I can never thank you enough for your help over the years. But sometimes you could be a touch gentler with your favorite mother!

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