Eighteen years  in Mexico! Wow! I cannot believe it! Eighteen years ago, when we were packing up to leave San Jose California, we had to keep pinching ourselves to prove  that we were really  going to leave the US of a and live our dream.

Well after 18 years the dream has been knocked around, expanded and changed.

We bought a house, spent a fortune making it livable and in 2005 sold it.

We built our dream home on the beach in El Comitan a lovely neighborhood outside of town, surrounded by a biological preserve. And then we sold that an moved up the hill above the village and with an amazing view. This was our second time building a home in Mexico, and  the third  and maybe the last home that we will live in here.

In the past 18 years I have sold real estate, written columns about real estate, written a book about real estate, was the closing director of a cross-border mortgage company and am now back to writing about it. But I have RETIRED from real estate sales and am now offering you private consultation and multi-media course on all aspect of moving to Mexico.

In my daily life I am still frustrated with the beauracracy of life in Mexico.

But I have many friends, get out and about and do lots of different things, and always have a story to tell.

That’s what this blog is all about, a slice of my life, with espresso on the side. It could not possibly be my life without espresso.

Just like back in California where several coffee shops knew what my brew of choice is, so do the espresso cafes and restaurants I frequent here know what Cafe estilo de Susan is!

So that’s about it about me.

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Dearest Susan,
What a surprise to find you on Twitter! I have been thinking you… wow, it has been ten years! I looked at the pictures when I was in West Valley Collage…you and your husband were my first mentor in America! Hope to see you again soon!

Just found your blog, and loving it with envy. Love your garments, and accessories. How do you find the fabric selections and prices in your area of MX? Where do you teach? I’m trying to hard to get a job teaching, but am not having any luck, but definitely not giving up.

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