How to Date Hot Mexican Girls?

How to Date Hot Mexican Girls?
By Susan Klindienst Fogel
I am flabbergasted, gobsmacked, down right angry.

And today I am talking about an article in the Building Baja Newsletter This is the title:
Hey Boys, Why Dating a Hot Mexican Girl May Not Be as Fun Or Easy as it Sounds

This is written by Cathy Brown, who states that she is a writer: Well she needs to learn some grammar.
And secondly, she needs to wake up and smell the century.

I read the article. I thought it would be a cautionary tale about a certain class of young Mexican women and a certain class of over-the-hill, horny and misguided Gringo men. Here’s the tale that needs to be plastered on billboards, then we’ll get back to Ms. Brown’s article.

These Gringo men seek out young, sexy Mexican girls the way some men seek out young sexy Asian girls and for the same reason: they think these girls are submissive, pliable and will perform sexually. And Ms. Brown is right in one aspect: many young women find older foreign men alluring. But,they also think these men are rich, because they can go to the ATM and get money any time they want.

These men look like idiots with their grey pony tails, stringy arms and spindly legs, squiring a fresh young thing around town. And they do idiotic things like have babies with their new found love. Many of these old farts buy houses and put the property in their new wife or girlfriend’s name. They don’t want to pay the fees to own their property the right way in Mexico. Next thing you know, besotted Gringo is divorced, has no home and is on the hook for child support for 18 years. Their young love has discovered many truths about thier man and one being they are not rich.
Do I feel sorry for them? Not at all? Do I think they are stupid…you betcha!
Does this really happen here? More often than you would think.
Should these men be warned: well yes, but they don’t listen. They are not thinking with the head that houses their brain.
Should the girls be warned? OF course. They are young and in love and cannot think either.

Now Ms. Brown talks about opening doors for your new love, being a real Casanova, whispering endearments, giving long, bedroom-eyed looks,(and faking the romance while trying not to laugh) and walking on the street side.

And she suggests doing this on the first meeting.

And she suggests that heavy necking in public, and nuzzling even at the piano recital of your love’s little sister is expected and accepted. Not at any Mexican family gathering, or piano recital that I have attended in the last 10 years.

My Mexican women friends find the sexy boob-popping clothes, stiletto heels and skin tight jeans sported by some Mexican girls as silly as the girls look trying to navigate the potholes, bumps and puddles on La Paz sidewalks.

The Mexican women in my life: my hairdresser, my cleaning woman, my scientist and doctor friends, my lawyer, my architect, the designer I have recently met, would be as offended by this silly article as I am.

Dating between cultures has it’s hitches and glitches, but treating another person as your equal, engaging them in relevant conversation, and learning about their dreams, and interests is what builds a relationship. Not silly Telly Novella mooning and swooning.

What is scary about this article, is that Ms. Brown brags about being a mother, then proceeds to tell boys to fake romance and move fast on a young girl. Does she tell them what comes next? Does she warnt them to keep their pants zipped? No and no.

Any man that came on to a confident competent woman by following Ms. Brown’s advice would find himself alone in a hurry.
Any man or boy that comes on strong with a young, impressionable girl will find themsleves parenting their young love and a baby.
And by the way guys (old and young): babies are made the same way south of the border as in the old country…use a condom.
Do you want to really know how to date Hot Mexican Girls? Take them to an air conditioned restaurant and TREAT THEM WITH RESPECT.