Success! First Attempt at Coloring Eggs With Silk.

I love Easter! The chocolate bunnies. Jellybeans. Black ones. Peeps! The rustle of the cellophane Easter grass. I love it all!

The religious aspect, church, Jesus rising from the dead. I could never get my head around it, even as a kid in Catholic school.

But the Easter Bunny leaving  a basket full of chocolate made in his own image? Bring it on! The Easter Bunny also hid the eggs my siblings and I so carefully colored on the Saturday before Easter. It all made sense to me the same as the Tooth Fairy and Santa. A myth we  pretended to believe in -for our parents sake- long after we knew these  amazing creatures were imaginary.

Well here in La Paz and all over Mexico, Easter is a big deal in a different way. The entire population is on the move. Large extended  families camp out on the beaches and some bring stoves, generators and TVs. Folks from the mainland come to the beaches to enjoy their one-to-two week holiday.

The Easter Bunny is not the star of the show here. But chocolate of a dubious quality does show up in the stores.

Since I have completed a 10-day detox diet and have remained gluten, sugar, dairy and alcohol free since then, chocolate is not entering  the house.

But I like to mark the holiday. and we are having 10 other folks over for hotdogs tomorrow. Six of those others are kids between the ages of 4-14.

I decided to color eggs. But not with food coloring and vinegar. Oh the colors are lovely, but the mess is  not worth it.

MissMeliss mentioned a YouTube video by  my protege, Martha Stewart demonstrating how to color eggs using silk ties. That sounded like fun. I watched the video, which is below. And then I asked My Beloved if I could have one or all of his ties to cut up to color eggs. He gave me ONE.

I also found two pieces of silk prints that I thought I would try.

Here are the fabrics. Note the tie and it’s dark color and animal heads.

I tried to center one tiger and one zebra on two different eggs. The Zebra seemed to work:

Here are all of the eggs from the tie. It is interesting the way the colors turned out.

The vibrant rust and cobalt blue Thai silk  was a real surprise. The rust did not come through at all. In fact in the picture  after the blue eggs you can see that it ran and turned the water pinkish. It is fascinating what colors came through. And how they changed.

And here they are boiling away

These last three eggs  came from the beige floral silk. I was a little disappointed in them, but then I added some oil, and now they have a pearly glow.

They are lovely, yes?

I have asked friends to shop in their husband’s closets for ties. And to visit Goodwill. I  have two friends that want to do this next year. We need silk ties sent to us so we can be prepared! The ties work best because their colors are intense and their prints are small. With some careful placement and a bit of luck, I think that I can transfer specific motifs to my next batch of eggs.

so tomorrow we will roast hotdogs poolside and  eat these eggs!

Here is Martha’s video.

click here to watch Martha